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Don’t miss your chance to learn LIVE from three industry-leading experts in our exclusive monthly Masterclass series, covering organic growth and content creation, media outreach, and brand partnerships. The doors only open once a month. Secure your spot today or risk waiting another 30 days for this life-changing opportunity!


23th May 2023

11:00AM EST

Alanna Gallo

Doors Close At 7pm EST May 23rd

Get in before the doors close! The next series starts June 13th – do you really want to wait that long to join in?


What will YOU learn in thESE masterclass COURSES?

You will learn to build relationships, be a better communicator, connect with brands, become an SEO expert, and so much more.


grow your revenue

Discover proven strategies and techniques to help your business bring in more revenue and increase your profits.


secure brand deals

Learn how to build mutually beneficial relationships with other brands and secure profitable deals that can elevate your business to the next level.


Build relationships

Develop a powerful network of industry contacts and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships that can help you unlock new opportunities and achieve your goals.


increase your influence

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to establish yourself as a respected authority in your industry, build your personal brand, and leverage your influence to build your brand.


boost your organic traffic

Discover proven methods for driving more organic traffic to your website, and social media channels by learning the basics (and beyond) of SEO strategies.


master your content creation

Learn how to create compelling content that resonates with your audience, builds your brand, and drives engagement and conversions.

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23th MAY

11 am EST​


Learn to leverage media to build your brand.

Understanding the media landscape
Why pitch media and how to build relationships
Identifying outlets and building your media list
Crafting your pitch, landing placements, and leveraging your results


Content Creator and Communications Professional

30th MAY

01 pm EST​

Mastering Online Growth

SEO, Content Strategy & Building Your Presence In The SERPS

Defining content strategy, including understanding your ICP and their needs. Editorial calendar creation and Measuring content performance (KPIs)
How to Harness data-driven decision-making to refine your SEO, content, and growth strategies.​
How to set up EVERY post for the best chance at ranking on Google.​ Including my personal workflow and tech stack.
AI and content marketing and how you can leverage it.

JACKIE sterling

CCO (Chief Content Officer) & Organic Growth Marketing Expert

6TH June

11 Am EST​

Pitch perfect partnerships

Mastering brand management and collaborations.

Brand Management and why it matters
How to set yourself up for success when pitching from analytics to case studies
What a media kit is and what you should have in yours
Understanding the difference between gifting campaigns, affiliate partnerships, influencer networks, and larger paid sponsorships


Talent Manager and Influencer Marketing Consultant

what people are saying…

“I loved this class! It covered all the information I’d been looking for and more. Alanna went through the process of pitching from beginning to end very clearly and answered all questions participants had. I would definitely recommend this class if you’ve been wondering about pitching to editors or you’ve already been doing it but without luck.”

Alison Watt

“This masterclass was amazingly helpful and will help you grow your brand. Alanna was great about answering all our questions!”

Julie, traveling Crawfords

“Absolutely awesome masterclass ^_^ Reignited my passion for writing, and reaffirmed the importance of networking in a digital world. Stop thinking about it, and start learning!”

Jonny, A Day of Zen

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